How an Online Legal Repository Cuts Costs

Jul 10 2013 | posted by LORR Team

Storing your case documents, files and records in an online legal repository is the biggest trend among law professionals nowadays – and for good reason. A legal repository affords you not only easy, fast, and hassle-free access to all of your files with just a click of the mouse, it also helps you cuts costs immensely.

Specifically, a legal repository can help you reduce spending by:

Cutting out the need for storage space – With every case, there is a substantial amount of paperwork involved; you have initial court filings, police reports, subpoenas, depositions, and much, much more. After a while, that paperwork starts to add up, many times, filling up closets or rooms in your office, or even requiring you to get additional storage space. With an online legal repository, this is no longer the case. Your files will never take up physical space again! You won’t have to pay costly storage bills, buy boxes to house those documents, or cover the electricity bills to ensure the documents are kept in good condition.

Eliminating your need for copying and delivery services – When you store your documents and paperwork in an online legal repository, you also cut out the need for costly copying and delivery fees when you need to collaborate with clients or experts. Simply download a digital version of the necessary document from your repository and send it to the desired party via email. It’s easy, it’s much more affordable, and it gets there in a just a matter of seconds.

Decreasing your staff needs – Keeping in the same vein, an online repository also helps you cut down on your staff costs. You’ll no longer need someone to comb through your files, make physical copies, or serve as a courier when you need documents delivered or dispersed. You’ll simply be able to login online, grab a digital version, and be done. This frees up resources to devote to other, more pressing matters at your firm.

Want to save on costs at your firm? Then consider our online legal repository services today. Call 800-736-9105 to learn more!

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