How A Legal Services Business Works For You

Nov 22 2017 | posted by LORR Team

No matter how big or small your firm is, how big or small your cases, there will likely come a time when you need a few extra hands on deck to avoid working 100 hour weeks. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a legal services business. For firms just getting to the point where they’re considering hiring outside help, a frequently asked question is: “What can a legal services business do for us?” And for that question the “answer” is fairly simple: “What do you need from us?”

What does that mean?

A legal services business takes a specific section of legwork away from your company and puts it into the hands of our trusted professionals. It frees you up to focus on the more minute, important details of your case and daily proceedings. If it feels like typical “busywork” it’s probably something you can outsource to a proper legal service business.

Specifically, any legal services business will cover:

  • Phone record retrieval. Handling the back and forth communication and collection of the phone data that you need. And what’s even better: we’ll deliver it ready to go to your office.
  • Medical record retrieval. Medical records are tricky, sometimes they’re protected, and even when they’re not, hospital staffs are overwhelmed with other pressing work and demands on their time. You don’t have the time to hassle them to turn over the records to you. Our job is pretty much just to do that for you.
  • General Data collection, we’re aware that there’s more info you could need out there than just the phone records and medical records data. Whatever data you could need, a legal service business can grab it for you.
  • Data Analysis is a pain, and it’s something a legal service business can and will take the time to do and take that burden off of your shoulders.

But just keep in mind, this isn’t the limit to what our business can offer you, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us today to see what services we can provide your firm.

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