How a Legal Repository Can Transform the Way You Work

Jan 21 2015 | posted by LORR Team

A legal repository may sound like just a nice convenience, but, in truth, it can actually transform the way you and your firm work. It can make day-to-day tasks easier, it can allow you to work on the go, and it can improve your ability to serve your clients and cases in the long run.

Not sold on moving to an online legal repository just yet? The following facts may change your mind. A legal repository can:

·  Better organize your documents, case files, and evidence – No more piling up boxes in the closet or filling up entire drawers full of files and documents. A legal repository makes cataloging and organizing your documents easy, simple, and paper-free.

·  Make finding information easier – Forget sifting through boxes and cabinets to find what you need. With a legal repository, all it takes is a quick keyword search, a few clicks, and the information you want appears right before your eyes.

·  Clear out space in your office – If you have closets or rooms full of files
and documents at the office, they will become a thing of the past once you migrate to a legal repository.

·  Eliminate the need for costly storage units – Have you been renting a storage unit to keep all your documents and files safe? Move your files to a legal repository, and you’ll never have to pay those costly rental fees again.

·  Give you online access to your files from anywhere – Traditional files can only be
accessed in person when you’re physically in the room with them. With a legal repository, however, you can view your documents anywhere you get a web connection—in the courtroom, during a meeting, or while interviewing a witness.

A legal repository can make running your firm a breeze. To learn more or to get started on your own repository, contact LORR today. Our legal experts can help.

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