Here’s a Look at the Trial Services We Offer

May 9 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Ourtrial services can help your firm focus on the legal and professional aspects of case preparation by handling those ancillary tasks that take up so much of your time. These include:

· Record retrieval. Nothing is more foundational to a persuasive case than having the proper documentation. Yet, acquiring these essential materials is rarely quick and easy. Incompatible formats, age-related disintegration, and simple human error can deprive you of the information you need to represent your client’s interests. Our hands-on experience can cut through red tape and other barriers, giving you the records you need in a timely manner.

· Presentation creation. Having all your facts lined up isn’t enough. You must present those materials in a strong, organized fashion to persuade a judge or jury. We can help by creating effective, professional presentations using the latest digital or paper-based tools, maximizing your odds of prevailing in court.

· Subpoena delivery. This is where our hands-on experience really comes into play. Witnesses vary in their personal psychology. Some are eager to lend their assistance. Others are reluctant. A few are even adversarial. We have the skill to deal with each type, minimizing delays while maximizing results. Imagine how having access to this one aspect of our trial services can revolutionize your case preparation.

· Photographic and video production. Visual presentations have a clear and cogent quality that makes them essential in today’s world. But producing effective videos requires a skill set that most legal professionals don’t possess. Our experts can craft professional materials that will have the greatest possible persuasive power.

· Cloud-based records storage. This will free you from the time-consuming burden of toting, storing, and searching through massive volumes of printed paper. Our modern digital solutions can enable you and your staff to access documents from anywhere on earth with an internet connection. You can also effortlessly reproduce those documents at will and in a format that matches court standards.

Contact us today to find out more about how our trial services can benefit your firm. We look forward to working with you.

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