Headline Roundup: Winter Legal Support News Texas

Jan 23 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Staying on top of current legal support news Texas is essential to your professional success. Here’s a look at ongoing trends that are sure to impact your firm.

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E-discovery Continues to Revolutionize the Field of Legal Research

Once upon a time, recording important information was fraught with uncertainty. One particularly tragic example of what we mean comes from the year 48 B.C. In that year, the massive library at Alexandria, Egypt burned to the ground. This horrific tragedy destroyed thousands of irreplaceable manuscripts, forever robbing the world of the countless insights those lost documents could have offered today’s scholars.

It’s a shame that modern digital technology didn’t exist in those days. If it had, then safeguarding the Alexandria library’s material would have been as simple as uploading it to the cloud. This fact points out the key role digital research plays in all aspects of running a law firm. After all, once information is digitally encoded, it’s virtually impossible to destroy. If your practice isn’t taking full advantage of the powerful capabilities E discovery offers, then your clients may pay the price.

Outsourcing Non-Core Competencies Is More Essential Than Ever Before

Law firms around the country are continuing to realize the critical role that legal support services play in determining favorable outcomes. For example, preparing a winning case requires a host of skills that you may have learned little or nothing about in law school. These include: retrieving records, safeguarding digital assets, organizing and optimizing the presentation of information, creating video and web-based material, and ensuring receipt of subpoenas and other crucial processes. Our organization can handle these essential support services for you, empowering you to focus on what you do best. So take a tip from today’s legal support news Texas and
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