Get Rid of Your Texas Legal Repository and Go Online

Jun 27 2016 | posted by LORR Team

What are you using for your Texas legal repository? A room full of filing cabinets? A closet full of boxes? Maybe a storage unit filled to the brim? There’s a better way.

texas legal repository

At LORR, we offer a seamless, convenient online repository that can literally change the way you work. With our online system, you can:

·  Cut down on storage needs and costs No more cabinets, folders, or boxes, and forget renting a storage unit or using up a whole room in your office for old case files. Instead, you can store all your document digitally — from the smallest piece of evidence to the biggest court filing you have.

·  Better organize your files — Tabs and labels can only take you so far. With an online repository, you can keep your files at the peak of organization. Just type in a few words, and your documents appear instantly on your screen. There’s no sifting, sorting, and searching required.

·  Make on-the-go work a breeze Right now, you probably have to lug around huge case files or stay tied to your office if you want to get work done. With an online Texas legal repository, that’s no longer the case. Access your files anywhere you go. All it takes is a Wi-Fi connection.

·  De-clutter your office — Tired of clients seeing your busy, file-filed office? De-clutter your space by digitizing those files and storing them easily and conveniently online. It will make your firm even more impressive to prospective clients.

If you’re still stuck with a physical Texas legal repository system, it’s time to rethink your methods. An online repository is a much easier, simpler, and effective way to manage your caseload, and it can help promote your firm’s success in the long term. Want to learn more or start setting up your online repository today? Contact LORR now.

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