Get Help With Deposition By Written Questions

May 12 2014 | posted by LORR Team

When your case needs a record or you need information from someone who is not party to the suit you’re handling, you may have to resort to DWQs, or deposition by written questions, which are a type of discovery device that allows you to request information and data regarding your case, client, or other part of the suit, usually from someone involved in a perfunctory way – like a records custodian, HR representative, or other professional. They’re often used in cases of medical malpractice and personal injury or in times when business or medical records are required.

How Deposition by Written Questions Works

With deposition by written questions, you create questions for the individual in advance, set a reasonable place and time for the questioning to occur, and then have the document served by a district court clerk, county court judge or clerk, court reporter, or notary public. You must send out a notice of intention at least 20 days before the questioning, and if you’re requesting documents with your DWQ, notice must by sent at least 30 days ahead of time. DWQs are a hassle for law firms because they delay the process and keep cases from moving forward. DWQs are also more time-consuming than traditional record and information requests, and this can make it hard for attorneys and small firms to handle them on their own.

How LORR Can Help

LORR offers expert help with depositions by written questions. We’ll send out the notice of intention within 24 hours of receiving your order, and then contact the opposing counsel to request a waiver of the 20-day waiting period so that you can get your records and information more quickly and easily. We’ll follow up aggressively to ensure that your DWQ is being tended to, and we’ll keep you regularly updated with status reports until your information is produced.

If you need help with your deposition by written questions, rely on LORR. Contact us today to get started on your DWQ.

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