General Guidelines for Effective Video Deposition

Sep 5 2017 | posted by LORR Team

A video deposition is a splendid way to streamline the legal process while maximizing positive impact on court decision makers. Getting the most from video media, however, requires attorneys to make a conceptual and procedural leap from written to graphic record acquisition and presentation. This runs against the grain for classically trained lawyers, many of whom remain unacquainted with the advantages and considerations of modern multimedia technology. This post will suggest ways to avoid potential pitfalls and gain the most benefit from a video deposition.

We're here to give you the guidelines to your video deposition!

General Guidelines

An effective video deposition will have these features:

  • The witness will dress in an appropriate manner, which usually entails professional or semi-professional garb. Court officials are human beings, and humans judge others by their appearance.
  • The witness should use a clip-on microphone to ensure the highest level of audio quality. Ask the witness to minimize sources of distracting noises such as finger tapping.
  • The witness should avoid tobacco use, eating, and drinking beverages other than water during the video deposition.
  • The witness should refer to visual aids within easy and complete view of the camera.
  • The video should include a time/date indicator to mark where recording stops during the video deposition.
  • The attorney or members of their legal staff should verify ahead of time that the room used for the recording has sufficient power outlets and other connections.
  • Law office staff should bring extra extension cords, DVDs or flash drives, and other supplies in case these are needed.
  • Preparers should position the witness slightly off-center from the camera so they will not be staring directly into its lens. This will help them relax and focus on the video deposition, not their personal appearance or mannerisms.

Following these suggestions will help ensure your video deposition goes smoothly and stands up to any challenges raised by opposing counsel. Contact Law and Order Record Retrieval today to learn more about our professional video deposition preparation services.

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