Gathering all the Facts for Legal Presentations

Sep 30 2013 | posted by LORR Team

There’s no better way to convince a judge or jury to side with your client than through smart and well thought out legal presentations. Legal presentations allow you to take boring old facts, stats, and images, and turn them into powerful pieces of evidence that make an impact. Put simply, they allow you to show – not just tell.

Do you want to create killer legal presentations that really influence your judge and jury? Then here’s what you should gather first:

• Photos – Pull together photos of the accident scene, the injury, or any other evidence available in your case. Photos are great for displaying on trial boards, incorporating into PowerPoint presentations, and using in other exhibit tools.

• Video opportunities – Consider any video opportunities your case may lend itself to. Is your client injured? If so, a day-in-the-life video may help convince the jury. Do you have a really powerful deposition? Then get it on tape. A video can bring to life what otherwise would have been boring quotes on pieces of paper.

• Stats – Gather important stats, facts, and numbers related to your case. You can use these to create eye-opening and powerful trial boards, graphs, and images for use in the courtroom. You can even create visual timeliness that shed light on the who, what, when, and where of your case.

• Transcripts – Did you conduct a lot of interviews? Pull out the best and most impactful quotes from each – ones that really drive your point home. These can be great in PowerPoint presentations, in videos, on trial boards, and on other types of legal presentations.

• Paperwork – No one wants to look at paperwork. Unfortunately, sometimes the very best evidence is just a simple piece of paper. Help draw attention to important paperwork like police reports, medical records, and other documents by incorporating them into your boards and presentations. This will allow them to make much more of an impact on your jury.

Once you’ve pulled together these important facts and pieces, give LORR a call. We’ll help you create powerful exhibit databases, PowerPoint presentations, trial boards, graphs, videos, and more. Contact us today to get started!

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