Finding a Trustworthy Litigation Support Company

May 8 2013 | posted by LORR Team

When you decide to enlist the help of a litigation support company in your case, it’s a big decision. You’re putting a large chunk of your case’s fate in another party’s hands, and that’s not something to be taken lightly. In order to ensure your case has the utmost chance at success, you need make sure you choose the right litigation support company – one that’s trustworthy, knowledgeable, and an absolute expert in their field.

Are you considering employing a litigation support company? Here’s what you should be looking for to make sure you find a high-quality, trustworthy organization:

They have experience – You want a company that’s not just a flash in the pan, but one that’s been around the block a few times. This not only ensures they know the ins and outs of litigation support and that they’ve seen all types of cases (most likely one just like yours!), but it also shows you that they’re familiar with the local legal scene. They’ll know how to work with area police departments, they’ll know what’s necessary to get nearby hospital records, and they’ll be familiar with local courts and representatives. This can go a long way in building and strengthening your case.

They have satisfied Customers – A great litigation support company will have equally great customer testimonials to back it up. Before hiring anyone, check to see if they have reviews or testimonials online. This can give you a glimpse into how past clients were treated and what sort of results they were delivered. If reviews are good, you can generally assume the company can be trusted with your important case elements. If there aren’t any reviews to be found, it could be a red flag that 1) customers weren’t happy with their work, or 2) they haven’t been in business long and are therefore inexperienced.

They charge honestly and accurately – Sure, you expect to pay for your litigation support services, but you shouldn’t have to pay for every little thing. You want a litigation support company who’s in it to help you, not to become millionaires off your business. Look for an organization that’s up front about what they offer and how much it costs. Additionally, look to see if they provide any free or complimentary services. Here at LORR, for example, we offer free online resources you can use in building your case. Check out sites that can help you make travel arrangements for depositions and meetings, or download a variety of forms and request that can help you in your case. By offering you something free, like these resources, a company is showing you they want to help you. In the end, a company that wants to help you is a company you can trust.

They have long-term clients – One of the biggest signs of a high quality, trustworthy support company is how many long-term clients it has. Writing a great review or testimonial is one thing, but coming back and using their services again is a whole new ball game. When a company has had clients come back again and again over the years, it means they’re delivering a service that’s valuable, meaningful, and measures up to the client’s expectations.

Here at LORR, we’ve been around for more than 20 years. We have satisfied countless clients, and we’ve built up a long list of customers who just keep coming back for more time and time again. Why? Because we deliver consistent, on-time quality work. We help you achieve your goals, and we do so in a timely and efficient manger.

Are you looking for a litigation support company? Look no further than Law & Order Record Retrieval! Call us today.

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