eDocument Services Can Take You Into the 21st Century

Aug 1 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Too many law firms are stuck in the past. Their offices are filled with boxes, folders, and cabinets full of old documents, case files, photos, and pieces of evidence, and there’s no easy way to sort or pull from them. Their attorneys are stuck lugging tons of paperwork from courtroom to courtroom, and they’re nailed down to their desks whenever a task needs to be completed or a form filed.

In a world where technology has made shopping, working, and connecting with others instantaneous and completely mobile, this sort of business model just doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t law firms be more agile? More tech-savvy? More digitally inclined? It would certainly make their work easier!

Fortunately, thanks to eDocument services like the ones we offer here at LORR, old-school law firms can easily get with the 21st century. By converting their files and documents into a digital, online repository, they can:

  • Take their work on the go Pull up files, work on documents, or access your paperwork from anywhere you
    have an internet connection. Desks are no longer necessary!
  • Keep better organized — Forget digging through countless folders and files trying to find a document. With eDocument services, all it takes is a few taps on the keyboard, and you can find that doc in minutes.
  • Reduce stress No more struggling to pull up documents in the courtroom or putting client needs off until you’re back in the office. An online repository takes the hassle and headache out of
  • Clear out the clutter Get rid of all those boxes and cabinets cluttering up your office, and enjoy a clean, clear, and organized space instead.

Want to bring your law firm into the 21st century? LORR’s eDocument services can help. Contact us today to learn more or to start digitizing your files and documents today.

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