Determining Which Cost-Effective Legal Services You Should Invest In

Sep 23 2014 | posted by LORR Team

When lawyers need support for their cases or clients, they have two choices: hire additional employees and pass the work off to them, or invest in cost-effective legal services and let a professional handle the extra load. The latter is the most efficient option in most cases, because not only does it guarantee that your tasks are done correctly and on time, it also saves your firm money because there are no salaries, benefits, or other expenses to cover.

If you are considering using cost-effective legal services at your company, there are three factors to consider in determining which ones are right for you, the first being the size of your staff force. If you have a large number of staff members, you may be able to assign some of them the more straightforward tasks like serving citations or taking accident scene photos while leaving more complicated tasks such as creating legal presentations, ordering records, and organizing videography to professionals. Remember, however, that if you use an in-house employee, you will be taking them away from other tasks they could be carrying out for your clients.

The next factor to consider is what your caseload looks like. If you are overloaded with work, it is a good decision to pass off as many tasks as you can. Hiring aprofessional to handle things like retrieving your records, creating your trial boards, taking photos, shooting videos, and organizing your case files and evidence can give you the time you need to spend with your clients and improve your cases. You should also consider whether you already have some experts on your team. If someone is skilled in record retrieval or photography, use these professionals and their expertise for support. Most law firms aren’t blessed with such employees, however, so if you want to ensure that your tasks are done properly, outsourcing cost-effective legal services is usually the best route.

If you know which cost-effective legal services your company could benefit from, or if you need help determining whether or not such services could help you, contact LORR today. Our expert team of professionals is here to help.

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