Creating Compelling Legal Presentations

Feb 29 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Convincing, compelling legal presentations are the keys to winning cases. When done well, they can get your point across, sway a jury, and win favor for your client. When done poorly, they can hurt your clients’ chances or worse, help your opponent’s case instead.

Legal Presentations

Fortunately, we at LORR are pros at creating compelling legal presentations, and we know what it takes to win over juries. Want to make sure your presentations are as powerful as possible? Here is how we do it:

·  Use media throughout Photos, video, and even just plain audio can do wonders for your presentation. After all, seeing (and hearing) is believing, right? Include photos of crime scenes, capture depositions and interviews on tape, and record phone calls with witnesses who can’t come to the trial. All of these will add clout to your case.

·  Organize your exhibit database – You need to be able to call up images, documents, and other exhibits on the fly, whether they’re brought up by your opponent or a witness in the courtroom. Having an organized, orderly exhibit database can help you do just that — but make sure you practice with it first(and know where everything is located!).

·  Take advantage of PowerPoint PowerPoint has the amazing ability to help you blend all your evidence into one seamless presentation. You can use audio, video, photos, charts, graphs, and just plain text to illustrate your point and tell a story. As an added bonus, it’s easy to project onto a larger screen for the whole courtroom to see.

Want more help creating compelling legal presentations for your clients and cases? Then contact the litigation support team here at LORR today. Our experts can offer assistance with legal photography and videography, exhibit databases, PowerPoint presentations, and much more. Call us now to get started.


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