Company News

Aug 23 2012 | posted by LORR Team

Shawn Selvidge has been with LORR for close to 6 years and has risen through the ranks.  He started in the production department and then trained in the trial and media department perfecting his presentation skills.   He is now the head of our Production and Media Departments.  He brings a fresh approach and new ideas to both of these areas.  Shawn has a great calm manner about him even in the thickest of storms.  We expect great things to happen with Shawn at the helm.

Kasey Westbrook has been making tremendous inroads in our Customer Relations department and has already earned herself a great reputation with the Clients of LORR.  Steady and hardworking, she is a wonderful representative.  Again, Kasey is another person who started in the ranks and moved up quickly.  She comes from a legal background herself, so she understands the needs of our clients firsthand. 


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