Clientology Revealed! Learning Who Our Clients Are and Understanding What They Expect

Aug 23 2012 | posted by LORR Team

The staff at LORR have been studing the book by the Disney Institute titled Be Our Guest and it has been a phenomenal experience!  LORR embraces the ideas of exceptional customer service and has put into practice many new ideas. Clientology is our name for the work of learning who our clients are and understanding what they expect when they become a part of LORR. This excites our Team and we get thrills out of showing our clients true customer service.  Below is part of our study which involved some searching of our own values.  Each month, we will give you an update on our ideas!  We are working and constantly changing ourselves and our processes so you will know how important you as a client are to the employees of LORR!


“A fundamental part of LORR’s success is based on team work, so I think it follows that we should recognize and account for what each of us contributes to the team and “pull our own weight.” In doing so, I feel that the services we provide our clients will remain consistent, accurate, and timely.

I agree that one way I can accomplish perfection is by “sticking to a plan” and following through with the duties assigned to me, because I am aware that other team members depend on my work to produce a great product for their clients.

I also agree that if we want to get more out of working as a team, we must first exhibit respect toward each other and remember that feedback from our peers is meant to offer constructive insight to help us improve our performance.

I think it really comes down to taking pride in the work we put out and making an effort to “support, encourage, and help” each other along the way.

Thank you for that invaluable lesson.”

Rachelle, Team Member

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