Avoid the Red Tape With Medical Record Retrieval Services

Mar 27 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Our medical records retrieval services can help your firm maximize its investments in resources and time by enabling you to avoid the complex world of government red tape. You don’t have to be anexpert in healthcare lawto understand that obtaining essential documents for your case is rarely simple and straightforward. Here are just a few of the potential obstacles that can wreak havoc with your timetable and your peace of mind:

Avoiding the red tape with our medical records retrieval services is easy! Just give us a call.

  • Ever-evolving protocols. These add mountains of new rules to the already cumbersome regulations regarding record storage, access, reproduction, and transporting. Fail to dot the smallest “i” or cross the littlest “t,” and you could endanger your entire case. Yet that’s the risk you take when you leave medical record retrieval services to the non-specialist, no matter how capable that person may be in other areas.
  • Arcane digitalrecord storage and retrieval. For example, did you know that millions of records exist in file formats used long before Microsoft Windows ever existed? Ever hear of the Commodore Amiga or the Tandy line of Radio Shack computers from the 1980s and ’90s? How about digital records stored on old-fashioned cassette tapes or floppy disks? How would you make those ancient platforms legible to today’s technology? As you can see, some tasks are best left to IT specialists like the ones on our staff. It’s simply the best way to use your firm’s resources for your client’s benefit, not to mention your own.
  • The modern world. The simple fact is that the industries of today are filled with important information that no single human being can master. For example, you would never expect a layperson to know the intricacies of contract law or understand the role that past precedent plays in rendering verdicts. Similarly, the world of medical records retrieval services has its own rules and terminology, ones that require specialized training and experience to navigate. That’s where we come into the picture.

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