Are Record Retrieval Companies Really Worth the Cost?

May 30 2016 | posted by LORR Team

In a world where everything costs something, it can be hard to justify any additional expense. We often hear this complaint when talking with potential customers. “My operating costs are XX a month. Why spend XX more on record retrieval companies when I could just handle my record requests in house?” While that may seem like sound logic, when you dig deeper, there are a few problems present.

In-House vs. Outsourced Record Retrieval

First, you need to compare the cost of a record retrieval company versus the cost of your in-house people. How much are you paying your in-house retrieval person (or whoever you assign to the task)? Are you also covering their health insurance and other benefits? Do they take up space in your office or use your electricity and Wi-Fi? Those all add up to a pretty penny every month. If you also take into account the other tasks they’re not doing due to tending to record requests, those costs could be even higher than you imagine.

Second, there’s much more to consider about record retrieval companies than just their upfront cost. You also need to consider the potential benefits they’ll bring your firm, many of those financial. In most cases, a professional record retrieval company will be much faster than an in-house employee. That means you get your record quicker, and you have more time to examine it and build it into your case. All this equals a higher chance at success.

They also work completely on their own — no insurance, office space, or other benefits required — and they take a great deal off your firm’s shoulders as far as workload goes. Ultimately, this leaves your team with more time to tend to more important matters: interfacing with clients, marketing your services, and most importantly, winning cases. The financial results of that alone can be astronomical.

Outsource Now

Want to use your money and time more efficiently? Then choose professional record retrieval companies instead of in-house employees. Contact LORR today to learn more, or fill out our online record request form now.

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