Are Patient Billing Records Important During Medical Records Retrieval?

Nov 13 2014 | posted by LORR Team

During a lawsuit, a patient’s medical history is vital to the case because it reveals what injuries they have sustained, what conditions they suffer from, what treatments they have undergone, and what their diagnosis is. During the medical records retrieval process, patient billing records are also important, although they are sometimes overlooked. Billing records meet a number of needs that other medical records cannot, including helping you determine the scope of the damages, shedding light on inconsistencies in treatment, and settling disputes about insurance coverage. Perhaps the most important of these is determining how much compensation the patient is due, and while medical charges won’t account for all of their damages (they may have property damage, pain, suffering, and other types of damages due), these records can assist you in working out an exact number for your client’s case.

Another benefit of acquiring billing records during the medical records retrieval process is that you can compare them against the patient’s medical history to check for inconsistencies. This way you can ensure that all treatments are coded and charged correctly on the billing record, and you can confirm that your client wasn’t charged for any services that weren’t rendered. If they have been, this could qualify them for more damages. And if your client is in a dispute with or filing a claim against their insurer, looking at billing records can help you gather important evidence on their behalf. Compare it to your client’s insurance policy to make sure they have been given the benefits they deserve. If they haven’t been, they may be due more compensation.

Acquiring patient billing records is a crucial part of the medical records retrieval process by making your case stronger and qualifying your client for more damages from the defendant. To learn more about the medical records retrieval process or to file a request for your client’s records, contact LORR today.

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