7 Case Types That Require Medical Records Retrieval Services

Nov 20 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Medical records retrieval services are extremely helpful to those who are dealing with many different lawsuits, and particularly personal injury cases, as they can reveal crucial evidence, prove your client’s innocence, and help you win your case. If you aren’t sure whether you need medical records retrieval services
for your current case, consider the following list of seven types of cases that almost always require medical records:

1.  Personal injury – Medical records can reveal the extent of your client’s injuries and the costs they have incurred as a result, and they can also shed light on the long-term effects of your client’s injuries and future costs.

2.  Car or truck accidents – Medical records are vital to vehicle accident cases by showing exactly how the drivers and passengers were hurt as a result of the wreck.

3.  Malpractice – If your client is suing for medical malpractice or negligence, you will need records of the treatments and services that were or were not provided.

4.  Workplace injury and worker’s comp – If your client is hurt on the job or is seeking worker’s compensation, medical records can help you put a number to the damages they are due.

5.  Birth injury – When a child is born with a birth injury, it is sometimes due to a doctor or nurse’s error. To prove this, you will need a medical expert and the child and mother’s medical records.

6.  Insurance cases – If your client’s insurer is refusing to cover treatment, a medical record is a must-have. You will also want a copy of the client’s policy, too.

7.  Elder abuse or neglect – When a client’s loved one dies or is hurt at the hands of a caretaker, it can constitute neglect or abuse. You will need medical records to prove that the death was caused by injuries suffered during the abuse or neglect.

If you are currently handling any of these types of cases, acquiring medical records quickly will help you. Contact LORR today to learn more about our expert medical records retrieval services.

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