5 Ways To Improve Your Trial Boards

May 30 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Trial boards can play an integral role in any case that comes to the courtroom. Effective, professional, data-filled boards can sway the jury and lead to a positive verdict, while poorly made boards that are difficult to read or devoid of information can do the opposite and hurt your case’s outcome. If your trial boards are not as powerful as they could be, consider trying these five tips to improve them:

1.  Incorporate evidence – Whenever possible, incorporate evidence in your trial boards. If the evidence is too big or not on hand, use a photo or illustration instead.

2.  Turn numbers and statistics into graphics – Numbers and statistics can be highly convincing, but they are not always easy to understand. Make sure your jurors know exactly what your numbers and statistics mean by translating them into charts, graphs, and other graphics that illustrate your point more

3.  Draw attention to testimonies and quotes – If you have a particularly compelling quote or piece of testimony from a witness, be sure to incorporate it into your trial boards as well. Emphasize it with big, bold fonts to make it stand out to the jurors.

4.  Supplement with other media – Consider supplementing your trial boards with other media such as video, audio, or a PowerPoint presentation. This will allow you to deliver a stronger case to the jury.

5.  Make sure it can be seen from far away – Your jurors may be across the courtroom from you and unable to see or understand anything small or highly detailed. If you want them to see everything you are bringing to your case, make sure your trial boards can be seen and read from across a room. Use big, clean fonts, blow up images to a larger size, and use bold colors.

If you want to improve your trial boards, let LORR help. Our professional exhibit and trial board services can ensure that your case is presented in the best manner possible, so call us today to get started.

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