5 Ways Legal Videographers Give You a Better Chance of Success

Sep 29 2015 | posted by LORR Team

If you’re looking for a way to boost your case’s chances of success, then hiring legal videographers is the way to go. Not only can videographers add to your arsenal of evidence, making your case stronger and more convincing, they can also help detract from the opposing party’s case – and that means an even higher shot at coming out on top.

Boost Your Cases's Chance of Success by Hiring a Legal Videographer Today!

Do you want to give your case and clients a better chance of winning? Then call in legal videographers today. They can:

  • Give you added evidence. If you’re lacking in evidence, videography is a great way to beef it up. With a videographer, you can capture images of accident scenes, injuries, property damage, and just about any detail of your case you can think of. You can even have expert witnesses accompany your videographers, giving a detailed analysis every step of the way. This is another great way to add fuel to your client’s fire and up their chances of success.
  • Provide a visual for the judge and jury. Nothing is more convincing than visual evidence. Sure, graphics or stats on a trial board may help some, but seeing an accident scene for themselves? Looking at an actual injury? Reviewing the property damage done with their own eyes? That’s something that can’t be forgotten. Visual evidence goes a long way in swaying a judge and jury, and often, it can be the difference between a won case and a lost one. Legal videography helps you build up this visual evidence and make a true impact in the courtroom.
  • Deliver otherwise impossible depositions and testimony. Sometimes, important witnesses or parties just can’t make it to the courtroom when it’s time for a trial or hearing. Instead of throwing these valuable testimonies to the wayside, legal videography allows you to record the accounts, show them to the judge and jury, and use them to your advantage in court. You can even use it for expert witness testimony if the witness charges a hefty fee for travel that your client just can’t afford.
  • Document faraway scenes. Handling a case in Texas about an accident that occurred in California? While the judges and jurors certainly won’t be familiar with the highway it occurred on, the level of traffic in the area, or any other details, a legal videographer can help them understand. Videographers can capture details of faraway locations, walking judges and jurors through every influencing factor that may have had a hand in the incident. With the right videography, they’ll feel like they’re right there at the scene of the
  • Shed light on the gravity of an injury or accident. Using only words, it might be hard to convey to a jury just how profoundly an injury or accident has affected someone’s life. Sure, you can say that “they can no longer fend for themselves,” but that doesn’t really give them a powerful visual, does it? With legal videography, you can show them. Show your client struggling to get out of bed, to get dressed, to care for their kids – any detail that will drive home just how severe the accident or injury was. It can also help build up jury sympathy, which can go a long way during deliberation time.

Legal videographers can be a powerful ally in any accident or personal injury case. They can give you added evidence, more visuals to show the jury, access to faraway locations and witnesses, and also help convey the
true gravity of an injury. Want to learn more about how legal videography can help improve your specific case? Contact LORR today. Our expert videographers are here to help.

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