5 Ways a Record Retrieval Service Can Benefit your Case

Apr 15 2013 | posted by LORR Team

Requesting records is time consuming and frustrating, but because of the important role they play in most court cases, it’s a necessary part of the legal profession. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone; a record retrieval service can help. A record retrieval service can help ease your load and assist in the record request process. Additionally, they can offer these benefits to your overall case:

1. You’ll get your records faster. The biggest benefit of a record retrieval service is the speed at which you’ll receive your records. With a retrieval service, you get a very specialized team who is experienced and knowledgeable in the ins and outs of the records process. They know how to ensure your records aren’t held up by red tape, and they know just the right steps to take to get your records processed quickly and efficiently.

2. You’ll save you time. When you use a record retrieval service, you’re taking all those hours of work away from your office. Instead of you or a paralegal spending 10 hours a week working with records custodians, you’re free to use those hours for more productive matters – like working with clients, gathering evidence, or lining up witnesses. It allows both you and your clients to see improved results.

3. You’ll save money. Using a record retrieval service instead of in-house resources can save you a lot of money. When you have a paralegal or staff member manage the record retrieval process, you’re paying them an hourly rate for each step they have to complete. In the end, you have no ideas how long it will take or how much it will cost you. With a retrieval service, you’ll instead pay a set fee for your record, one that you can count on and budget for easily.

4. You’ll have convenient delivery options. When you retrieve records yourself, in most cases, you’ll simply get a mailed copy or printout of the requested records. With a record retrieval service, you have loads of delivery options. Get it delivered bound and labeled, have it put on a CD or sent through email, or have it hosted online in a digital format. The options are endless.

5. You’ll get better quality records. In order to save time, staff members or paralegals charged with gathering records will likely only get the bare bones of what is necessary. With a record retrieval service, you’ll get detailed, thorough records that include what you need – and more. Record retrieval specialists know how to dig deep and get not just the minimum results, but also all the records your case requires.

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