5 Steps of Subpoena Services

Feb 1 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Though it is possible to handle subpoena services on your own, it’s often not the most efficient way of doing things. For one, it takes you (or a team member) away from other, more pressing matters. Just think: What if the witness is hard to track down? Do you really want your paralegal spending a full week trying to locate and serve them? That’s doubtful.

Subpoena Services

Truthfully, your best bet is to use professional subpoena services from a litigation support company. They will offer you a quick, fast, and convenient subpoena service without any hassle or headache. Plus, they allow you and your team members to focus on what’s really important: building your case.

Here’s how subpoena services typically work:

1.  Request your subpoena service. First, you request the subpoena service from the litigation support company of your choosing. You will likely need to fill out a few forms (regarding the witness’s background, workplace, home address, etc.) and submit payment first.

2.  Locate the witness. Once the subpoena has been issued and is in your server’s hands, they will get to work on locating the witness. This may require additional background research in some cases.

3.  Subpoena the witness. As soon as the witness has been located and identified, your witness will be served.

4.  Endorse the subpoena and return it to the court. After service, the subpoena will be signed and endorsed, and your server will return it to the court for proper filing.

5.  If unreachable, document the attempt and return the subpoena to the court. If, for some reason, the server cannot locate your witness, they will document their attempt, as well as the reason the service failed, and return the subpoena to the appropriate court.

Want to ensure your subpoenas are served properly but don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself? Use the professional subpoena services at LORR today. Our expert servers are here to help.


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