4 Ways A Professional Record Retrieval Service Can Save You Money

Jul 10 2014 | posted by LORR Team

For a law firm, using a record retrieval service is a convenience that can save you money, increase your chances of winning cases, and make your firm more profitable. The following are four ways in which a record retrieval service is able to do these things:

  • It decreases your need for labor. By hiring a professional record retrieval service, you will no longer need an assistant or paralegal to handle your records requests, and this will save you money in the form of salaries and benefits.
  • It cuts your operational and equipment costs. Handling records requests in-house requires equipment such as computers, fax machines, and printers, as well a large number of folders and other office supplies. A professional service will handle everything for you so that you don’t have to waste your company’s money on such costs.
  • It allows your team to be more productive. When a professional handles your records needs, your team is able to tend to other, more important tasks so that they can get things done in less time, be more productive, and take on more cases, which means more money for the firm.
  • It gives your cases a better chance of success. Allowing an in-house staffer to handle records requests presents a higher risk for error that could cost you crucial evidence and lead to a lost case. Having a professional work with your records requests decreases this risk and gives your cases a better chance for success.

If you want to save money at your law firm, consider enlisting the help of a record retrieval service next time you are in need of records. We can cut down on your labor, operational, and equipment costs, and our experience with records means that we will avoid making mistakes in the retrieval process. Contact LORR today to get started on your record request.

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