4 Case-Changing Tactics Legal Videographers Use

Feb 10 2015 | posted by LORR Team

When it comes to convincing a jury, few things are as helpful as legal videographers. Evidence such as
depositions, accident scene damage, and even injuries become significantly clearer when shown on screen, rather than described in words or still images pinned to a board. After all, “seeing is believing,” right?

Hiring legal videographers can help give you a better chance of success!

Legal videographers have an innate ability to make mundane evidence look convincing and impactful. If your case is lacking some sparkle, or you just want to call extra attention to your evidence, then you might consider hiring a videographer. Here are just a few tactics that legal videographers may use to up the ante in your case:

1.  Showing the jury just how much an injury has impacted the victim – Legal videographers can make what are called “day in the life” videos. If your client was the victim of an accident or
injury, the videographer will follow him or her around for a day with a camera, capturing all the negative ways in which the injury has impacted your client’s life. With coverage, you can show the jury how the accident has altered your client’s well-being, and sway them to your side.

2.  Capturing the accident scene or damages on tape – You can talk about all the damage that was done at the scene of an accident, but if you really want it to impact your case, you need to show it—each and every broken railing, skid mark, and blown out tire. A videographer can help you do just that.

3.  Taking depositions and statements from witnesses – Do you have a witness who just can’t make it to the stand? Don’t let that important testimony go unnoticed. Instead of reading the witness’s words from a sheet of paper, capture his or her entire statement on video. Then let the jury judge just how important that testimony is.

4.  Catching “victims” in acts of fraud – In some cases, plaintiffs will act injured simply to collect damages. Videographers can help catch these fraudulent activities on tape so your client doesn’t have to pay.

Do you want to be extra sure your evidence has the sway it needs? Then consider calling the legal videographers at LORR. Our experts can create five-star videos that improve your case and your clients’ chances of winning. 

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