3 Ways Medical Record Retrieval Services Can Save the Day

Mar 28 2015 | posted by LORR Team

If you’re a personal injury attorney or you handle workplace, motor vehicle, or medical malpractice accidents, then using medical record retrieval services isn’t just an option, it’s a downright necessity. Medical records play a vital role in these types of cases, and without the proper ones on hand, your case stands no chance of winning a judge’s or jury’s favor.

Medical Record Retrieval is what your firm needs to win your next case!

Plus, medical record retrieval services have been known to save the day on many occasions. Medical record retrieval services can:

1.  Prevent slow-moving custodians from affecting your case. Medical records custodians are notorious for being slow to respond when it comes to records requests. If you’re not careful, this could mean not getting the records you need in time for your trial or, even worse, not getting them at all. Fortunately, professional retrieval experts can prevent this from happening. With their extensive expertise in records requests, as well as a familiarity and rapport with many records custodians, professional retrieval experts are able to ensure that you get your records quickly and on deadline every time.

2.  Take the load off your team’s shoulders so they can attend to more important matters. Is your caseload overwhelming? Is your team strapped for time even though they are putting in 50, 60, even 70 hours a week? Then don’t consider tasking them with record retrieval duties. Instead, use professional medical record retrieval services and get the weight of those menial tasks off your team’s shoulders. Let them get back to building cases, serving customers, and winning settlements.

3.  Provide the evidence you need to win your case. Many times, a medical record is all that’s needed to win a personal injury or accident case. It sheds light on the extent of a victim’s injuries, the damages they incurred, and the treatments they can expect in the future, and it’s just what you need to sway the jury and win their favor. A professional records retrieval expert can make sure you always have these records for each and every case you handle.

Do you handle personal injury or accident cases? Then consider using LORR’s medical record retrieval services.We’ll make sure you have the evidence you need to win your case.

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