3 Tips For Success With Your Day-In-The-Life Videos

Jul 24 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Day-in-the-life videos can be an excellent way to improve your case’s evidential support, especially when your client has been injured or otherwise hurt at the hands of a defendant. Such videos can provide crucial evidence in your case and allow you to physically show the jury how damaging the defendant’s actions have been to your client’s life. If you are considering using day-in-the-life-videos in the case you’re currently handling, follow these three tips to make the greatest impact:

  • Avoid dramatization and stick to the truth. The point of day-in-the-life videos isn’t to over-dramatize your client’s injuries; it is to show the jury the truth about how the defendant’s actions have impacted your client’s life in an adverse way. Jurors will know if you try to dramatize things, so don’t encourage your client to overact, exaggerate, or do anything out of order during filming.
  • Show the court how the injury or damage has impacted the most menial details of your client’s life. You want to show the jury how the injury has affected your client’s ability to drive, go to work, and do other major things, but be sure to reveal the most minute details of their life, too. Show how the injury has rendered them unable to shower by themselves, tie their shoes, or water the plants. These details will give the jurors an idea as to the true scope of the injury.
  • Try to evoke sympathy. You want your day-in-the-life videos to evoke sympathy from the jurors so that they feel for your client and have negative thoughts about the defendant’s actions. An effective way to do this is to show how the injury has affected the client’s relationships with important people in their lives, such as their children, spouse, or friends.

If you are planning to use day-in-the-life videos in your next case, let LORR help. Our expert legal videographers can craft the perfect video for your client’s needs, so contact us today to get started.

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