3 Attorney Support Services That Can Make Your Job Easier

Oct 12 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Many attorneys like to handle everything in-house: the service of subpoenas, the records requests, and even the legal videography. Though this may save them a few dollars in the long run, the truth is that it’s probably not the best option – at least not if they want the best results.

Let Attorney Support Services Help You Make Your Life Easier.

Unless the attorney has a full staff of experts – people with decades of experience in the tasks they’re handling – then they’re probably better off using attorney support services instead. With attorney support services, you get to have a bona fide expert on your side. They’ve been around the block hundreds of times, and they can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and right.

Best of all, they take the load off the internal employees, allowing them to better serve their clients and tend to important, timely tasks in the office. Ready to use attorney support services to your advantage? Here are the best three to start with:

1.  Record retrieval Records are required for virtually every kind of case and often are a key piece of evidence. By using a professional record retrieval service, attorneys can ensure they get the evidence they need, when they need it – no matter what.

2.  Online file repository This is a fairly new support service, but it’s vital to any busy attorney. It keeps all case files, evidence, documents, records, and forms conveniently in an online storage area, so they can be accessed on-the-go from anywhere in the world.

3.  Legal videography Legal videographers can add evidence to a case’s arsenal and deliver powerful visuals that a jury will remember. They can even shed light on how an injury or accident has affected a victim’s life, something that’s crucial to building juror sympathy.

Attorney support services can add value to any busy attorney’s life, saving them time, hassle, and effort and improving the quality of their cases. Want to take advantage of support services at your firm? Contact LORR today.

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