Litigation Support San Antonio: What It Can Do For You

Nov 08 2017 | posted by LORR Team

A Litigation support staff member is a relatively new position in the legal and litigation industries. It’s a useful team member to have, as increased data, particularly e-data, and changing rules have made the act of collecting, analyzing, and presenting the data more and more of a chore. The bulk of their job (at the entry-level position) is in making sense of, and organizing data, technology, and discovery of said data. But this isn’t the limit to what they will and can do for you.  

A typical litigation support San Antonio service assists the litigator with calculating the economic consequences associated with the breach of a contract. But that’s just the “typical” - their job is to make sense of whatever data you need from them: not just accounting. Their expertise in law, technology, and data comprehension makes them the ideal candidate to sort through spreadsheets and pick out the important pieces of data.

Why is that helpful?

The biggest way is also the most obvious: it saves YOU time. And your time is really valuable. It’s not the sign of a lazy paralegal if sorting through all the data goes beyond the time you need it done. It just means you need someone who’s an expert in that.

And whether you’re paying an in-house litigation support specialist, or outsourcing to an agency, litigation support San Antonio can save you time and money, even if it’s an entirely new expense, it’s going to be cheaper than having someone work hours and hours and hours of overtime to get the same job done that a specialist could do in half the time.

Finally, it shifts the focus from the borderline-menial data search work back to the things that you specialize in. It lets you drop the data and only worry about the results.

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