4 Ways eDocument Services Simplify Your Caseload and Workspace

Nov 02 2015 | posted by Giles-Parscale

Filing cabinets, folders, and evidence boxes are so old school. Today, eDocument services are the way to go. They can simplify your workspace, streamline your projects, and make managing your caseload infinitely easier.

Simplify Your Workspace with eDocuments.

In fact, with our eDocument services, you can keep all your files, folders, and evidence in a handy digitized online database. This can:

1.  Clear up clutter around the office No more bulky boxes or filing cabinets crowding up space. And as for folders and files lining your desk? Forget about it. With eDocument services, you can keep all your paperwork in one central, secure place. Who knows, you may even clear out enough office space to expand your office, add a conference room, or create a lounge for your clients.

2.  Make finding and accessing files easier With eDocument services, you’ll never dig through boxes or folders again. When you need to find a document – no matter how old it is – all it takes is a few clicks of the button, and you’ll have it in seconds.

3.  Make your files accessible on-the-go – Don’t ever get tied down to your desk again. An eDocument database can allow you take your work on-the-go. Pull up files in court, go through evidence on vacation, or just work from home for the day.

4.  Make holding onto old evidence and case files a breeze – Forget shredding old case files just to make room in your office. With eDocuments, you can keep copies of every document, file, and piece of evidence for as long as you like.

Ready to join the 21st century and simplify your work? Then consider eDocument services from LORR. We’ll digitize all your documents and evidence, and we’ll give you a secure, web-accessible database where you can access it all. Contact us today to learn more.