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posted September 29 2015

5 Ways Legal Videographers Give You a Better Chance of Success

If you’re looking for a way to boost your case’s chances of success, then hiring legal videographers is the way to go. Not only can videographers add to your arsenal of evidence, making your case stronger and more convincing, they can also help detract from the opposing party’s case – and that means an even higher shot at coming out on top.

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posted September 21 2015

Medical Records Retrieval: How HIPAA Impacts Discovery

HIPAA is designed to protect the private medical information of U.S. patients. It can be a huge hurdle for personal injury attorneys during the discovery phase of a case. What all is entailed in complying with HIPAA? How does that impact your discovery process?

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Carol H.,  Shafer, Davis, O’Leary & Stoker, Inc.

"I have worked with L.O.R.R. for well over 10 years and find their records retrieval services to be very efficient, correct and expeditious..."

Tracy Wilson, The Carlson Law Firm, P.C.

"I have been working with L.O.R.R. for over 2 years now, and I cannot say enough positive things about their efficiency and accuracy... "


Record Retrieval

Record retrieval is a cornerstone of litigation support, and it's where LORR began.

Online Repository

Imagine having your entire case with you anywhere you go, but without dragging heavy document boxes or bulky case notebooks.

Videography & Photography

LORR's videographers will give you crisp, high-resolution images and clear audio quality.

Presentations & Exhibits

LORR can create digital or print presentations for use in trial, mediation, or in your firm's marketing.

Process Services

We understand the sensitivities of service, and can be aggressive with difficult witnesses and discreet with cooperative witnesses.